Desserts : 84 Ideas That Will Leave Your Mouth Watering


We know you work, you still have to take care of the house, the kids and yourself. A quick dessert is all you need to sweeten the weekend with great convenience, isn't it? 

 You don't need to be a confectioner to make a delicious dessert: here you'll find many amazing candy recipes that don't require a lot of skill in the kitchen! Today we are going to prove to you that with simple ingredients it is possible to make an easy dessert: 


Simple and delicious desserts recipe  


1. Two-layered pineapple gelatin:  

Great option for restrictive diets because it contains low calories, gelatin satiates and in association with fruit, gains citrus and refreshing flavor. 

2. Condensed milk pudding:  

It has a creamy and delicate texture, as the author herself reports, the pudding is a traditional sweet with simple and quick preparation, ideal for moments in a hurry. 

3. Frozen pudding:  

Another version of the dear pudding, this recipe in simple steps that result in a delicious frozen dessert, great to refresh the hottest days. 

4. Sago with red wine:  

The sago, food of indigenous origin, is made from the cassava gum or starch, and is a typical food from southern Brazil. Cooked in red wine, it has a sweet and well-defined flavor with a characteristic texture of this sweet. 

5. Coconut milk sago:  

A variation on the sago recipe, this version uses coconut milk to flavor the dessert. The preparation is the same as the traditional one, with an average cooking time of 30 minutes. 

6. Creamy sweet rice:  

As the author of this recipe describes, this rice pudding is a smooth and velvety cream. After cooking with water and the peel of a lemon, the delicious cream is made with milk, cinnamon and cloves, making the recipe even more special. 

7. Sensational dessert:  

This is a sweet recipe that is divided into two layers: a strawberry and a chocolate one. The result is a very creamy, mouth-watering texture. Even so, the preparation won't take much of your time.


Special Mousse: 

8. Ninho milk mousse:  

Using only condensed milk, milk cream, powdered milk, colorless gelatin and white chocolate chips you can prepare a delicious dessert to be served chilled, did you know? The texture is very creamy, but because of the gelatin it is a little firmer. The step by step is simple and the taste is amazing. 

9. Peach mousse:  

Peach may not even be used very often in the preparation of mousses, but if you like the taste of this fruit, you can bet on this recipe. You just need to mix all the ingredients in a blender and then leave the cream in the fridge until the sweet is chilled. Super easy, isn't it? 

10. Lemon Mousse:  

For those who like a sour taste, using lemon can be a great option. Here, you just need to mix all the ingredients in a blender and wait for the sweet to freeze for 2 hours. 

11. Powdered milk mousse:  

How about preparing a dessert that only takes powdered milk, water and powdered juice? In addition, you just need to mix the ingredients in a blender and bring the sweet to freeze. More practical than that is practically impossible, isn't it? 

12. Passion fruit mousse:  

Passion mousse is a very common dessert, but this recipe has two innovative touches: the sweet has a syrup made with the fruit and is served in its skin. The result is very charming and the taste is mouth-watering. 

13. Passion fruit mousse with chocolate:  

How about serving a sweet that combines the passion fruit mousse with the chocolate one? The dessert in two layers is a good choice for those who like different flavors in the same spoonful and for those indecisive. 

14. Mango cream with lemon:  

If you want a recipe that has a different flavor, but that is not without a simple and quick preparation, this can be a great option. Mango and lemon make a great combination, so why not give it a try? 

15. Strawberry Frozen:  

For those who like a very cold dessert, the strawberry frozen can go very well. Also, you can keep the recipe and use other fruits of your choice. After tasting this sweet, your hot days will be very different! 

16. Guava Cream with Cherry:  

This is a guava cream recipe that doesn't have a texture as dense as a mousse and still has a cherry topping with the same fruit liqueur. In addition, you can use the step-by-step guide as an inspiration to prepare the sweet with other fruits of your choice.


Desserts that no one can resist!


17. Chocolate pave:  

Sweet of French origin, the pavê brings the perfect mix between chocolate, cream and champagne biscuits. To impress anyone. 

18. peach pave:  

A variation of this pompous dessert, this recipe uses peaches, a fruit that is a source of vitamins, beta-carotene and various nutrients. 

19. Hominy:  

Also known as mugunzá or white corn porridge, this recipe is a typical delicacy of Brazilian cuisine and has variations in its preparation. Here, blogger Tati teaches the most common way of preparation. 

20. Sweet milk candy:  

Using just three ingredients, this recipe is the darling of many. The secret is to keep stirring until the cream thickens and comes off the bottom of the pan. 

21. Pumpkin jam with coconut:  

The homemade sweet that takes us back to childhood, provides moments of nostalgia from a tasty recipe with simple preparation. 

22. Cheesecake:  

Typical Brazilian sweet influenced by Portuguese cuisine. With the possibility of using different varieties of cheese, or even replacing grated coconut with burnt coconut, this sweet demonstrates all its versatility. 

23. Quindim:  

Dessert which has egg, sugar and grated coconut as ingredients, is actually a northeastern adaptation of a Portuguese recipe known as Breeze-do-Lis, where instead of using grated coconut, almonds are used in its preparation. 

24. Nest with Nutella:  

Using two ingredients that are very well known for those who love sweets, this recipe is quick and great for that last minute meeting with friends. 

25. Churros:  

The traditional dulce de leche churros, a recipe of Iberian origin but which won the hearts of Brazilians, is presented in this recipe with the option of not filling it, but dipping it in the dulce de leche to savor it. 

26. Cheesecake in the glass:  

Using cherry jelly, in this recipe, the cheesecake is made of cream paper, contrasting the sweet flavor of the jelly. 

27. Dutch pie in the pot:  

Pie usually composed of vanilla cream and biscuits, chocolate ganache topping and rounded biscuits around it. Here the presentation of the same is adapted to serve individual portions. Eye-popping! 

28. Maria-mole: 

This pudding version of pudding does not go in the oven, or requires a bain-marie, just mix the ingredients in a blender and refrigerate. More practical impossible. 

29. Banana Puff Pastry:  

Simple recipe, uses puff pastry ready to give a gourmet air to the dessert. In addition to being beautiful, it is very tasty. 

30. Churros:  

Unusual recipe, uses loaf bread to make the rolls of this new version of churros. Quick to prepare and with few ingredients, it is ideal when you have no ideas of what to do. 

31. Petit gateau:  

A French dessert that delights everyone, this “small muffin” is partially baked, making its interior creamy when broken. As an accompaniment suggestion, cream ice cream. 

32. Apple of love:  

In addition to decorating the table, the apple of love sweetens the palate of those who taste and conquer it for its romantic look. Great for gifting.


Chocolate Desserts:

33. Cream with Cookies:  

Are you in a hurry? A good tip is to prepare this dessert that has a very simple step by step. You just need to mix melted chocolate with sour cream and hazelnut cream. After that, just chop some cookies and serve everything in an individual bowl. 

34. Chocolate Pots:  

Using only four ingredients, it is possible to prepare a very simple chocolate cream, but which is still tasty. This is a great option for those days when we want to eat something sweet, but the kitchen cupboard doesn't have much, you know? 

35. Chocolate Pave:  

The list of ingredients to prepare this recipe is not very short, but they are all within easy reach. Also, your time in the kitchen will be very short if you choose to make this dessert that can make many people's mouths water. 

36. White chocolate cream:  

And how about preparing this sweet that only uses white chocolate and milk cream? If you want to spice up the flavor, just add a layer of jam of your favorite flavor, which can be homemade or ready-made. 

37. Chocolate SalamiHow about:  

surprising your guests with this recipe that looks like a salami, but is actually made with chocolate and cornstarch cookies? The result is very sweet and the combination of a creamy texture with a crunchy one is amazing. 

38. Chocolate ganache dessert:  

This is a recipe that, in addition to being made with chocolate ganache, also includes dulce de leche and almonds. For extra charm, you can serve it in individual pots, but with an ovenproof dish, it works too, ok? 

39. White chocolate pave:  

And how about innovating in your pave recipe? Here, the biscuit used is Maizena and the cream is mouth-watering. If you want to get out of the rut and like these ingredients, be sure to try them at home. 

40. Chocolate Mousse:  

Chcolate mousse is a very simple sweet, but it is successful among the most varied tastes. Furthermore, the preparation is very practical and the list of ingredients used is very short. How about trying it out? 

41. Italian straw:

Do you already know this sweet, which is actually Brazilian and combines chopped cornstarch cookies with brigadeiro? The result is a dessert that combines a creamy texture with a crunchy one and still tastes amazing!

Frozen and Delicious Desserts 

42. Ovaltine Milkshake:  

In addition to taking only 3 ingredients, this recipe brings the famous chocolate drink as a differential, making the texture of the milkshake more crunchy and tasty. 

43. Creamy Gelatin Mousse:  

You should add sour cream and condensed milk to gelatin with the flavor of your choice, resulting in this airy and easy-to-make recipe. 

44. Sicilian lemon mousse:  

Another mousse recipe, this one uses the Sicilian lemon as the main ingredient. This ingredient is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, helping to detoxify the body. 

45. Manjar condensed milk: 

Catom's own blog author describes, this recipe is easy, simple and cheap. As a tip, the blogger suggests using flavored gelatin to change the taste of the dish. 

46. Lemon ice cream cake with raspberry:  

Cake as a base, lemon sorbet as a body. Impossible not to please. The difference lies in mixing the Sicilian lemon with the Tahiti when adding the lemon juice to prepare the ice cream. 

47. Crispy chocolate ice cream:  

Ideal for chocolate lovers, in this recipe, in addition to using powdered chocolate as a base, chocolate cookies are added to make the ice cream more crunchy. 

48. Mexican palette:  

Famous recipe, characterized as a strawberry popsicle filled with condensed milk. It will definitely please everyone. 

49. Homemade ice cream flakes:  

With a cream sorbet base, by adding the semisweet chocolate cut into small pieces, this sorbet gains a unique crunchiness. 

50. Grape Scratch:  

Without any difficulty, this recipe uses frozen grape juice to make tasty zest. To serve, just add condensed milk. 

51. Fruit salad popsicle:  

Revamping the traditional version of the fruit salad, this popsicle takes a variety of fruits that together with coconut water make a healthy and appetizing popsicle.


Strawberry Flavor Desserts: 

52. Strawberry bowl with whipped cream:  

This is a recipe that combines champagne cookies with strawberries, crushed nuts, raisins, mint and a Greek yogurt whipped cream. It makes your mouth water just thinking about the taste of all these ingredients together, doesn't it? And to make it even better, your work will be minimal in the kitchen. 

53. Giant Strawberry Candy:  

This is a very simple recipe where strawberries are combined with cream and used for the filling. The chocolate shell can be made with milk, bitter or white chocolate, just choose your favorite and get your hands dirty. 

54. Strawberry and chocolate dessert:  

The combination of strawberry and chocolate makes many people's mouths water, and you don't even need to have a very complicated preparation for that to happen. Here, in addition, condensed milk and sour cream also come into play to add an extra touch and flavor to the dessert. 

55. Strawberry paveuses:  

This is a recipe thata simple cake batter as a base and which is then covered with jam, whipped cream mixed with strawberries and even covered with chopped meringues. This super combination of ingredients is very sweet and can leave a lot of people drooling. Ah, you can also use another fruit of your choice and the result will also be tasty, see? 

56. Strawberry Cup:  

This is a dessert that combines strawberry jam with a condensed cream and a chopped biscuit topping. The result is a candy with many different flavors and textures. How about trying it out at home? 

57. Homemade weed: 

This is a recipe that, in addition to being easy to prepare, also takes little time and ingredients. You just need to mix the ingredients in a blender and then wait for the combination to freeze for approximately 1 hour. 

58. Real strawberry dessert:  

This is the recipe for a dessert that has three layers: the first white brigadeiro; the second of strawberries; and the third chocolate cream. Once your candy is assembled you have to wait for it to freeze, which takes around 2 hours. In addition, you can serve it in an ovenproof dish or individual bowls. 

59. Strawberry dessert:  

Saltedis a super famous dish, but did you know that you can also prepare several sweet versions? This one, for example, is made with Ninho milk and uses strawberries as a filling. The result is so delicious that it will be difficult not to eat the entire plate at once! 

60. Strawberry Cream:  

This is a recipe where the strawberry is mixed with a white cream, then covered with milk chocolate ganache and still covered with whipped cream. Even with three different layers, preparation takes just a few minutes. 

61. Strawberry Express Dessert:  

This is a recipe that combines condensed milk, cream, strawberries and gelatin. The preparation is very simple, but as the sweet should be served very cold, the tip is to prepare it at least a few hours in advance.

Dessert With Coconut:


62. Prestige candy:  

With a moist grated coconut filling, this bonbon has a crunchy chocolate shell. Ideal to always have on hand when you have an uncontrollable craving for sweets. 

63. Chin-breaker:  

Easy to make Northeastern sweet, which takes only 4 ingredients. In this recipe, pay attention to the amount of sugar: if you want a sweet more “geek”, add a little more. 

64. Coconut delicacy:  

Easy to prepare dish, it has the option of two types of syrup to accompany: plum or coconut syrup. Choose your favorite and start preparing it! 

65. Condensed milk candy:  

Common candy at June parties is also a good option on other occasions. It uses few ingredients and the preparation is very simple: just cook the mixture of sugar, coconut and condensed milk and finally add the butter. 

66. Passion Fruit Coconuts:  

Another version of coconut candy, this one has concentrated passion fruit juice to flavor the sweet. Perfect balance between sweet and sour. 

67. Creamy Coconut:  

Another version of this typically Brazilian sweet, here, to make the coconut candy creamy, just heat the water and sugar until you get the thread. 

68. Sugary coconut:  

Using fresh coconut cut into cubes, sugar and water, this sweet, in addition to being tasty and crunchy, does not need many steps in its preparation.


Dessert With Assorted Fruits:


69. Layered dessert with fruit:  

This is a recipe made up of three layers: liquid, crunchy and fruit. The cool thing is that you can check three options for each of the layers and choose your favorite to build at home. 

70. Banana with Nutella:  

This is a very simple recipe and even though it is made with fruit, it is quite chubby. The banana is stuffed with Nutella using a coconut punch and then fried! The process takes just a few minutes and the result is incredible. 

71. Pineapple and coconut cream:  

This is a recipe that should be served chilled, so it is ideal for hot days. The pineapple makes the cream have a sour touch and the coconut adds an extra touch to the texture! 

72. Dessert with peach:  

How about using the peach in syrup to prepare a dessert? The preparation takes just a few minutes and the result is very tasty. 

73. Fruit salad:  

The tip of this recipe is to combine pieces of kiwi and strawberry with a whipped cream topping and mint leaves. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and this is a slightly healthier option than most on the list, so why not bet on it? 

74. Pineapple dessert:  

This is the recipe for a pineapple cream that has a preparation time of just 15 minutes, however, as the dessert must be served chilled, the waiting time is approximately 3 hours. But the result makes up for the delay, ok? 

75. Lemon Cream:  

For those who like a dessert with a sour touch, this can be a great choice. To further enhance the flavor, the tip here is to add a little crushed cornstarch biscuit on top of the candy. 

76. Papaya Cream:  

The tip of this recipe is to mix papaya with yogurt with the help of a mixer or blender and that's it! If you want an extra touch of flavor, just add a little jelly as a topping. After that, just serve and enjoy. 

77. Prune pave: 

Even with four different layers, this is a recipe that does not have a complicated preparation, ok? Just read carefully all the steps of the recipe and follow everything correctly and you will see how it is a simple process. However, it is necessary to wait for the sweet to freeze for approximately 4 hours. 

78. Mango weed:  

How about combining yam with mango to prepare a super healthy sweet? This is a very healthy option, so it's great for babies who are already free to eat some foods. 

79. Light Avocado Cream:  

If you think avocado is a diet villain, you are wrong! This is a fruit that, if consumed in the right amount, can help with weight loss, did you know? Here it is combined with lemon juice, skim milk and sweetener.

With so many easy dessert options it's even difficult to choose which one to try first, isn't it? But as the preparation of all is very simple, you can try several! How about starting with one that you already have the necessary ingredients at home?


Peanut Desserts:


80. Praline peanuts:  

The praline peanut, or hot kiss, as it is known in the state of Minas Gerais, is another example of a typical sweet for the June festivals, but it is still appetizing and can be prepared on several occasions. 

81. Traditional paçoca:  

Recipe with the possibility of sweet or salty variation, paçoca uses peanuts, an oleaginous source of energy, vitamins and minerals as its base ingredient. 

82. Small spoonful:  

Here, the famous paçoquinha is creamier, ideal to be served in individual portions, in addition to not being cloying, according to the author of the recipe. 

83. Tomboy's foot:  

In this recipe, Lu Ferreira presents a sweet that he used to consume in his childhood: the peanut tree. Easy and practical recipe. The difference is the use of brown sugar instead of melted sugar. 

84. Girl's foot:  

A mix of peanuts and brigadeiro, it also brings the crunch of peanuts as a highlight of the sweet, without making it too hard, as is the case with peanuts.