Recipes for Breakfast Ideas Will Delight Your Morning:

You can't deny that recipes for breakfast are delicious! However, those who want to follow a healthy diet need to be careful with the ingredients chosen so that the dish is as low in calories as possible and with much more nutrients.

With that in mind, we've separated 7 Recipes for breakfast options, tasty and very nutritious to help you think of slightly different recipes for your meal. Like the idea? See our list!

Easy Breakfast Muffin Recipes:

Muffin Breakfast Recipes

Sweet or savory, breakfast muffin recipes can guarantee an extra flavor to your tasty meal. Try it!

The first meal of the day can taste different. How about including tasty and nutritious muffins on the menu?

With ingredients like nuts, fruits and herbs, the muffin recipes we've selected promise to be successful. Also, it will bring more energy to your day. So, separate the ingredients and make these breakfast muffin recipes for you and the whole family.

Simple Muffin:

Before including flavors and different ingredients, it's only fair to learn how to make the traditional and simple recipe. By learning the basics, it will be easy to add flavors and aromas to your cookies. Innovate at breakfast and serve something delicious.

Banana Muffin:

Want to add a healthier touch to your recipe? Include fruits! Here, with the flavor of bananas, you will have the ideal food for your breakfast.

It's not complicated, it's easy and it allows you to start the day in a healthy way, eating well and with a delicious cookie!

Wheat and Apple Bran Muffins:

These muffins are delicious and contain many important ingredients. Apple puree keeps these delicacies low in fat and high in fiber soft and moist. If you bake over the weekend, you can individually wrap the remaining muffins in PVC wrap and freeze them so you can savor healthy homemade muffins on rushed weekday mornings.

Chocolate Muffin:

To please the kids, there's nothing better than chocolate cake! And you can do it individually, so each child will have their own and will feel special!

Oatmeal and blueberry muffins:

Adding oats – rich in soluble fiber that lowers blood sugar – and blueberries (blueberries) rich in antioxidants makes for a delicious breakfast, especially when you add cinnamon. Maple syrup subtly sweetens, enhances the flavor of blueberries and has a lower CG than sugar.

Easy Breakfast Wrap Recipe:

Breakfast Wrap Recipe

Sometimes all you want to eat is something that's quick and easy to make. And when that happens, we want ideas. Fortunately, the Internet exists! Here are the best Easy Breakfast Wrap Recipes, whether for breakfast, a hearty meal or a good dessert, here are delicious wraps for all occasions. The technique with the tortilla is amazing, but the result is even better!

Creamy Chicken Wrap: 

The chicken that is used for stuffing is cooked, cut into cubes and mixed with a cream made from avocado and yogurt. To spice up the wrap, the preparation also includes lettuce and tomatoes.

Ham Wrap: 

This is a suggestion when you want to prepare a snack in a very short time. In addition to ham, lettuce is also used to fill the snack.

Wrap with shredded meat: 

This sandwich is stuffed with shredded pot meat, lettuce, mozzarella, cottage cheese and a sauce made with mustard, ketchup and pepper jelly. The potted meat takes a while to be made, but the result is very tasty.

Chicken and arugula: 

If you're looking for a light meal, the chicken and arugula stuffed wrap is a great choice. To prepare this recipe, you'll need shredded chicken, arugula and cream cheese.

Chicken Avocado Wrap: 

This is a recipe that uses chicken, but it doesn't take long to prepare. The suggestion is to grill chicken breasts instead of cooking them. In addition to the avocado, a yogurt sauce is made to fill the sandwich.

Chester and mozzarella: 

wrapIn addition to the cheester and mozzarella, the filling in this recipe is prepared with pesto sauce, lettuce, tomato and cream cheese. It's a light and practical option.

Wrap Light:

Do you know who meets all these requirements? The wrap light we're going to learn how to make today. That's because the dish is ready very quickly and is quite versatile, and can appear in the most different meals.

In the recipe, the bread disc involves a source of protein (the natural shredded tuna), alongside healthy ingredients such as spinach, tomato ricotta, carrots, lettuce and spices. In addition, it gains a little light mayonnaise, which helps to make the dish very tasty and creamy.

Therefore, the wrap lightcan be an ideal option for those rushed days, when you don't have time to prepare a more elaborate meal. So, you can do something quickly, without having to resort to ready-to-eat or industrialized foods, full of calories and bad fats.

To see how the rolled sandwich is easy to prepare and is delicious, try it right now! Take advantage of thestep by step wrap lightbelow and get to work!

For this recipe just preheat the oven. Crush the ricotta in a bowl. Add the mayonnaise, carrots, tuna and spinach. Mix until it forms a cream. If you think you need it, add a pinch of salt.

Afterwards, all you have to do is open the bread on a platter that can be placed in the oven. Spread the ricotta cream well.

Top up with the tomato slices, lettuce, oregano and olive oil.

Finally,bake for 10 minutes. After taking it out of the oven, roll it into a wrap and serve.

Pancakes: One of the most requested breakfast recipes on the internet!
Pancakes breakfast Recipes

If you love to savor pancakes, there's nothing better than varying the preparation so you don't fall into sameness, right? To do this, you can constantly innovate in the type of pancake filling you make. So every week you can eat something different.

There are different possible fillings to be made, whether traditional with meat, vegetarian and even sweet options. Check out the best pancake filling recipes to fall in love with!

Pancake with minced meat and juice sauce: 

This is a very traditional pancake recipe. With simple ingredients and preparation, you can enjoy a delicious meal. The dough is made in a blender.

Whole-wheat chicken pancake: 

Changing white wheat flour for whole-wheat and adding rolled oatmeal you prepare a healthier dough that is still tasty. The stuffing is made with chicken, spices and a tomato. The topping sauce is made with tomatoes, seasonings and light curd.

Chicken pancake with white sauce: 

The shredded chicken for the filling takes two skinless tomatoes and seeds. The white sauce is used to line the bottom of an ovenproof dish where the pancakes will be placed, and then it is also used to cover them.

Pancake with spinach and tomato cream: 

In the dough of this recipe, milk is replaced by water. The filling is very tasty and very simple to make. Saute onion and spinach, add ricotta cheese and milk, then season. When the sauce is creamy, add tomatoes and serve. Check the measurements on the link.

Breakfast Recipes For Vegetarian
Breakfast Recipes For Vegetarian

The  recipes for breakfast vegetarian do not differ much from the traditional breakfast, with the difference that certain foods should be preferred to maintain a balanced vegetarian diet as a whole.

How to make a healthy vegetarian breakfast?

We should always start with fruits, as their vitamins are more absorbed on fasting. Papaya, melon, watermelon, banana with cereal, etc. There are countless fruit options to start the day.

Next is carbohydrate time, which will give you energy for another day.

Favor whole-grain bread, toast and biscuits, as they are richer in nutrients and are not harmful to health like foods made with white flour. You can use cow's milk or soy curd, vegetable butter or margarine, white cheese, or tofu (soy cheese).

Here are some recipes for vegetarian breakfast ideas for you to include in your menu.

Breakfast bowl with turkish egg and quinoa:

We usually eat a bowl of quinoa for lunch or dinner, so why do we tend to forget about the stuffing bean when it comes to morning? This Turkish-inspired Dish is bursting with flavors, including herbed yogurt, sun-dried tomato pesto, and poached eggs cooked in a toasted sesame butter sauce (um, yum). Top with some sliced ​​avocado, spinach, toasted sesame seeds and goat cheese, and you'll be satisfied until lunch (or later).

Masala Spiced Tofu Scramble:

How do you make a breakfast worth getting out of bed for? For starters, use tofu instead of eggs and be generous with the tandoori masala spice mix. Stack roasted vegetables such as cauliflower and kale, then add some Kalamata olives. Finish with a few sprigs of parsley and a drizzle of hot sauce.

Cinnamon and Raisin Baked French Toast Cups:

Day-old cinnamon raisin bread is the main ingredient in these French Toast Cups. Dip slices with eggs and half and half, then sprinkle with spices for pumpkin pie and brown sugar. When the liquid is absorbed, transfer the filling to buttered ramekins. You can keep individual cups in the fridge if you want a freshly baked version for breakfast. Whatever you do, just don't forget about the syrup.

Best Breakfast Recipes With Eggs:

Breakfast Recipes With Eggs

We love eggs! And as we especially like to discover new ways to prepare, serve and enjoy them, here are more options for breakfast recipes with eggs that are sure to impress and surprise!

Creamy Scrambled Egg:

A classic is a classic, isn't it? No wonder that scrambled eggspopular are adish in the morning. It is practical and very quick to make. To give it a little extra flavor, you can also add spices like thyme, oregano, rosemary and basil. Putting pieces of Minas cheese is also a great option!

Egg Mollet

In a pan, place the water, wait for it to boil, add the vinegar and salt. Leave on low heat. Using a timer, cook each egg for 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Remove from pan and leave for 1.5 minutes in cold water and ice to stop cooking. Break the shell into small pieces for easy removal and peel it warm.

Omelet with Natural Yogurt:

Another mouth-watering recipe with YoPRO spoonable natural yogurt, to vary the menu. This time, the option is sweet, for those who don't like to eat salty foods in the morning. Raspberries are sources of vitamin C in addition to fiber.

Yield: 1 serving

Preparation time: 20 minutes


For the omelet:

  • 2 eggs ;

  • 2 tablespoons of YoPRO spoonable natural yoghurt;

  • 1 dessert spoon of demerara, brown or coconut sugar or the sweetener of your choice;

  • 1 tablespoon of butter.

For the filling:

  • 2 tablespoons YoPro spoonable natural yoghurt;

  • 1 tablespoon (10g) of homemade granola;

  • 2 tablespoons (20g) of raspberries;

  • 1 teaspoon of honey.

How to prepare:


In a container, separate the whites from the yolks. In an electric mixer, beat the egg whites in snow until stiff peaks. In another container, beat the yolks with the yogurt and sugar of your choice. Pour the yolk mixture into the whites and gently stir until incorporated. In a non-stick skillet, heat the butter over medium heat. Add the omelet and level gently. Cook until lightly browned underneath and starts to harden on top. This will only take a few minutes. Turn the omelet over and repeat on the other side. When golden on both sides, remove from heat.


Fold the omelet in half.

Top with yogurt, granola, raspberries and honey. Serve next.

Omelet with vegetables:


1 onion, chopped

50ml of oil

3 cloves of garlic, crushed

3 grated carrots

100g of chopped cabbage,

1 can of corn

5 eggs

Salt to taste

Method of Preparation:

Put the oil in a medium skillet, place the onion and give one evenly fried, then add the garlic, carrots, cabbage and corn. Add salt to taste, stir everything for 2 minutes. Put a lid on the skillet and let it simmer for another 5 minutes, always taking care not to burn. Once this is done, remove the lid and place the eggs in the skillet and stir everything evenly. Cook on low for another ten minutes, always taking care not to burn. Remove from heat and serve hot.