14 Most Popular Las Vegas Restaurants on the Internet!

Learn all about the best restaurants in Las Vegas. One of the most important parts of your trip is where you will be eating, check out these tips. Let's give you some tips on restaurants rated with many stars and run by celebrity chefs, considered the most chic in town. 

If you're willing to shell out good bucks for dinner or lunch and want to discover a great place to eat for a special occasion, check out our ranking of the best restaurants in Las Vegas below.

1. Guy Savoy Restaurant in Las Vegas:
Guy Savoy Restaurants Las Vegas

Considered a 5-star restaurant, Guy Savoy is located inside the Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas. The chef there is Eric Bost, and the restaurant also has a branch in the city of Paris. 

The Vegas unit serves French food, with a tasting menu option, meat and lobster dishes, as well as many others. The service there is excellent and it is a true gastronomic experience.

In addition, the Guy Savoy Restaurant offers a modern, minimalist environment, specially designed to put the focus where it belongs – on the plate. Artichoke and black truffle soup, oyster kusshi concassee, and grilled foie gras are legendary and feature on the tasting menu

The wine list is so magnificent and long that it comes with its own stand. Pure pleasure for a special and absolutely romantic occasion.

2. Bazaar Meat By José Andrés:

Bazaar Meat Restaurants Las Vegas

The Bazaar Meat By José Andrés is a must stop for meat lovers. The restaurant has a very refined and elegant atmosphere, but nothing too fussy. 

With its antelope horn chandelier, hanging Iberico hocks, a blazing center fire, and the distinct smell of suckling pig in the air, Bazaar Meat at SLS Vegas is definitely meat-oriented. 

Even though it is mainly recognized for its red meats, the menu prepared by chef José Andrés has other options such as oysters and mussels.

Some dishes are very unusual and worth trying if you are open to new experiences. One of the most different is the foie gras served with cotton candy for starters – a different and unusual combination. 

Creativity and the finest ingredients define the food here, while the wine list is enormous – in length, breadth and consistency. It's the closest thing to a Dionysian feast you'll find in Vegas.

3. Joël Robuchon:

Joël Robuchon Restaurants Las Vegas

Despite being a very expensive restaurant, eating at Joël Robuchon is an amazing experience. The place offers the best of French cuisine on the tasting menu. 

Among the dishes that are part of the chef's choices are truffled crayfish ravioli with foie gras sauce and a sea urchin tart with mashed potatoes and coffee foam.

The ingredients are of high quality and most of them are not foods that we eat on a daily basis, you know? It's like discovering a new universe of flavors, especially if you don't have much contact with French cuisine.

In addition, the restaurant has  an Art Deco look, Robuchon's legendary tasting menu of glorious French small dishes (which can be an hour-long experience) attracts culinary pilgrims from around the world. It's a wonderful intimate dining experience for couples and also a transcendent place for the solo gourmet. So it could be the best and most expensive meal of your life.

4. Twist Restaurant in Las Vegas:

The Twist restaurant is located inside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which has the entire Orient-inspired theme. The chef there is Pierre Gagnaire, and the restaurant is considered 5 stars. 

Pierre Gagnaire's Twist is as special as special occasion restaurants can be. In some of the most creative dishes offered in Vegas, the individual ingredients are elevated to absolute works of art, and each dish will amaze you.

 Some of the finest and rarest wines in the world are featured on the extensive menu, but try a cocktail first they are as light and special as the cuisine.

Twist is open Tuesday through Saturday and serves the best of French cuisine. The wine list there is excellent and, despite being expensive, the restaurant is worth it for those looking for a sophisticated and exclusive meal.

5. Picasso Restaurant in Las Vegas:

The Picasso Restaurant in Las Vegas is one of the best in town for contemporary food. Its chef is Spanish Julian Serrano, and he creates contemporary French dishes with an Iberian flair. 

The restaurant has one of the best Spanish wine lists in the country, and the food includes artfully crafted classics like grilled scallops with rich potato mousseline and a perfectly roasted Colorado lamb loin.

It is a very romantic restaurant, with a beautiful view of the Bellagio water show. In addition, the establishment is a classic with two Michelin stars that remains largely unchanged. 

The salon houses original paintings by Picasso, and the artist's Spanish and French roots echo in the design; terracotta tiles and flowers throughout give the feel of a private Mediterranean home. 

The restaurant is located inside the Hotel Casino Bellagio, on the Strip. Based on the famous artist, it is decorated with famous works and paintings by Picasso. Its dishes are sophisticated and there is an excellent wine list with over 1300 labels to choose from. 

6. Bardot Brasseire:

The Bardot Brasserie is a little piece of France in Las Vegas. Brunch is very well served. If you're eating there between breakfast and lunch, we recommend eggs Benedict on top of puff pastry, along with avocado and spinach.

At Brasserie Bardot, you feel like you've walked through a gateway to Paris. The cocktails are impeccably made, and each dish has a classic brasserie touch that elevates it. 

Onion soup, for example, comes with cave-aged gruyere (and, as if it needed to improve, with ribs, black truffle and poached egg). Eat sitting at the bar, reading a newspaper, and you won't remember where you are.

In addition, anotherattraction of the place is the list of wines and champagnes that accompany the dishes on the menu very well. The restaurant has a more classic style in both the decoration and the dishes, so it's a good place for those who don't want to be daring in their choice. 

7. Bar Masa Restaurant in Las Vegas:

Bar Masa is another excellent tip of good restaurants in the city. It is a Japanese restaurant located inside the huge and luxurious Aria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. 

The establishment is open 24 hours a day and is led by chef Masa Takayana. There you can taste the rare Bluefin Tuna, known as Tuna Rabilho.  The place is considered by many to have the best sushi and sashimi in Las Vegas. So, if you are a fan of Japanese food, this is the best choice. The atmosphere there is very reminiscent of Japan and some of the ingredients come directly from Asia, to be used both in dishes and in the bar there.

8 .Raku:

Raku Restaurants Las Vegas

The Raku is the ideal place to enjoy a good Japanese food. What makes the restaurant a special place is the use of the robatayaki style of cuisine. In this type of preparation, meat, seafood and vegetables are prepared on a plate that is visible to customers. 

In addition to grilled foods, on the menu you'll also find agedashi tofu, miso soup, udon noodles with foie gras, and various other Asian specialties.

9. RM Seafood Restaurant in Las Vegas:

The RM Seafood Restaurant is located at the Mandalay Bay hotel, which has one of the best casinos in Las Vegas. 

As the name implies, it specializes in seafood. Among the options are fresh oysters, au gratin, and a buffet, which costs about 30 dollars per person, to eat all you want.

10. Sage:

Another very upscale restaurant around Las Vegas is Sage. One of his differentials is that chef Shawn McClain uses super fresh products, coming from artisan and sustainable producers. The restaurant's proposal is simple, tasty cuisine with seasonal ingredients.

In addition, the chef created two options for the tasting menu, one of which is specially designed for vegans. In other words, there is a dish for all tastes and styles of food. For those who are vegetarian or vegan, it is wonderful that the place already has a special menu prepared, as in most cases this does not happen.

11.Bartolotta Restaurant in Las Vegas

Bartolotta Restaurants Las Vegas

Bartolotta is an excellent and luxurious seafood and Italian restaurant. It has several environments, including a water mirror. 

The place is ideal for couples looking for peace and quiet. The service is great and the atmosphere is very exclusive, located inside the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

12. Aureole Restaurant in Las Vegas:

The Aureole Restaurant, located inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, is an excellent option for a good meal in the city. The chef there prepares dishes from the most different origins and cuisines, all very tasty. 

The Aureole restaurant is also famous for having the largest wine list in North America. People can choose wine by style, region or size. They are displayed in a huge four-story tower made of glass, where waitresses are arrested and climbed up the tower to get the desired wine.

13. CUT Restaurant in Las Vegas:

A good tip for a gourmet restaurant in Las Vegas is CUT. Imagine a steak house located inside the Hotel and Casino Palazzo, led by the famous American chef of Austrian origin, Wolfgang Puck. 

The location is rated AA and has already won a Four Diamond Award. The establishment is very revolutionary and the meat dishes are very surprising. Our tips are the Bone Marrow Flan, the Meyer Lemon Sabayon, the Huckleberry Compote and the Austrian Oxtail Bouillon. The restaurant is open every day from 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm.

14. Nobu Restaurant in Las Vegas:

Nobu is one of the most famous Japanese restaurants in the world and one of the best Japanese restaurants in Las Vegas. There are more than 30 Nobu units, spread across nearly 20 countries, and Vegas has two of them: one at the Caesar's Palace Hotel and the other at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel

The chef, Nobu Matushisa, makes a unique Japanese cuisine, with Peruvian touches, the result of the time he lived in that country. Nobu is considered by The NY Times as one of the 10 best restaurants in the world.

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